How to play

What is Escape The Room?

Escape the room – 1st of its kind in Kochi, provides a fun-filled activity for each and every one of you. Be it family, friends, relatives, colleagues, corporates and even complete strangers to take part in an immersive gaming experience. A group of 2-6 are locked in a room for 60 minutes for a desired mission, immerse yourself into an interactive real life game of finding hidden clues, cracking codes, solving puzzles in complete mystery. It’s a fun filled activity, where you are physically involved. (No video games /no VR) The team of 2-6 is locked shut in a room with specific themes and a perfectly scripted story line. A new method of brain storming method to bring your brain nerves active and release the adrenalin in you. Work as a team and put the pieces together to free yourself.

Why Play the Game?

This isn’t your average outing or an everyday experience. It’s a thrilling mission filled with suspense and entertainment. Sweat it out in 60 minutes - 100% exciting, 100% role play, 100% interactive – A brain booster It’s for mystery lovers and puzzle maniacs. Escape the Room-Kochi invites people who are searching for new and exciting challenges. Gamers and geeks can take a plunge into the real world of mysteries and search for inner adrenalin rush. From 10 year olds to senior citizens, this experience is equally exciting for everyone. THE ADVENTURE LASTS AN HOUR. THE MEMORY LASTS FOREVER.

Who Should Play?

Escape The Room is made for everyone. Anyone above the age of ten can play in groups of 2-6 players. Children under the age of 13 should play along with at least one adult to help them understand the clues. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, just a bunch of random people and get fun

How to Play the Game?

  • Reserve - A choice of three rooms, Select an amazing game, Book online/Phone and confirm the timings.
  • Check-in – Check-in 15 minutes prior to the booked time, Get a briefing on the game to boost your brains. This explains the game, the sort of things you should look for, the final aim and the health and safety measures. You will be assigned a game master to guide you through your experience.
  • Get Locked - Get into the gaming arena and search for hidden clues.
  • Think – Use your brains and wit, solve puzzles, and work together to find the clues.
  • Escape - Once you have figured everything, you can feel the adrenalin to escape the room. Success is at your feet.
  • Feedback – Give your feedback and have a photo session on the Wall of Fame of Escape The Room - Kochi

For Team Building

Corporate Events - Our escape rooms are designed for intense participation from the group trying to escape. It’s perfect for team building experience in your city. Corporate Events help the employees function as a proper team. The best way getting your employees work together as a team, is trapping them in a room and forcing them to fight for their lives. The game is designed for intense cooperation and working together. Sharing and brain storming is part of the fun event. It teaches them time management, team building and improves their problem solving skills. A righteous way for a high quality team building exercise.

What We Offer?

  • Birthday Parties - Birthdays are important, whether it's for the children or for adults, groups of pre-teens, teens or college students, group of girl friends or your buddies, so make it a memorable one at Escape the room - Kochi, by celebrating it in the most unique way. We can help make your experience memorable and tailored as per your requirements. We can also make small customizations to ensure your group finds the birthday gift at the end of the mystery.
  • Escape The Room as a Hangout for friends – Unique entertainment options are limited in a place like Kochi. Not anymore. Get your friends and have the time of your life at Escape The Room, Kochi .If we haven’t said this before, we know that you’re going to be an escape maniac.
  • Ladies who Lunch - Getting together with the girls on the weekend is fun. But you can do more than that. You can have fun and have an adventure at the same time in one of our thrilling escape rooms. A perfect way to spend your weekends without losing a lot of time or money.
  • Special Events - Whatever the occasion, you can make it a special one for your spouse, your best friend or your parents. Have a super surprise at Escape The Room - Kochi, and we'll help you create a perfect day for you and your loved ones; One they'll always remember and cherish.
  • Families - Family is always there for you when you need them the most. Escape The Room provides a family friendly environment combined with an ambience of togetherness. Escape the Room and unlock the mysteries of our thriller games and work as a team. Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles and escape the room as a family in an hour?
  • Tourist attractions - We’ve visited escape rooms in practically every new city in India. That’s what led us to create Escape the room - Kochi. If you’ve just come to Kochi and are wondering what to do on a lazy afternoon or dull evening, then swing on by and experience some of the 1st and only escape rooms in Kochi

Our Team

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If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.
You have just one hour to escape. If you are successful your name goes on the hall of fame.
The Game maser will monitor you inside the rooms by CCTV, they are there to guide you through your experience and to help you enjoy it. If you are really stuck, you can ask for hints. The game master will point you at the right direction, but may deduct time from you in return.
No special skills or knowledge is required to play the games, they are written in English. You just need a keen mind.
Not everyone escapes the first time but stay in the game if you can. Of course in an emergency you can leave the game at any time.
An escape game is a real-life experience where participants are locked in a room and must use elements of the room, the group’s collective knowledge, and wits to discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape and/or find the missing item within a set amount of time.
Yes, your skills that made you ;).
Anyone above the age of ten can play in groups of 2-6 players. Children under the age of 13 should play along with at least one adult to help them understand the clues.